About Us

What is Praetorian?

The Praetorian group is the true embodiment of all major and necessary solutions for all your business needs. Our dynamic businesses include a number of services such as aviation, courier, consultancy, retail, logistics and technology. We collaborate with a number of global strategic partners, who are leaders in their respective fields, to provide an excellence of execution in all that we do.

So what is Praetorian, you ask? It’s the complete all-in-one solution!

Praetorian - A team of Experts

Our team consist of experienced professionals who have in-depth market knowledge, and the expertise to provide unique solutions. This enables Praetorian to go above and beyond average service providers to create the ultimate experience for our customers. Every service is carried out with the intent of highlighting our brand in the best possible way.

History – Our Pinnacles of Perfection

In 1975, Praetorian started its journey as Pakistan’s first provider of freight solutions, as well as international transportation. What started as a small freight forwarding business has expanded to now offering a multitude of services. Being a market leader in information services, infrastructure and logistics, we have enabled companies across the globe to manage distribution of goods, sourcing and transportation to and from anywhere in the known world.

Praetorian is renowned as an innovative, aggressive and attentive partner. We are a reputable, professional and financially secure organization that has the strengths and financial resources to ensure a successful and profitable partnership in Pakistan.

Praetorian is the ultimate solutions provider in Pakistan for both our clients and our partners.

Business Lines and Services

Our Group’s Business Lines Include:

  • Freight Forwarding (Since 1975)
  • Airline Representation and Management – GSA (Since 1982)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Since 1990)
  • Trade Services (Since 2000)
  • Surface Transportation (Since 2002)
  • International Courier (Since 2004)
  • Retail – FMCG (2016)

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